Em parceria com a Sociedade vegetariana brasileira, Dra. Luiza Savietto, médica Nutróloga com atuação e pesquisas em dietas vegetarianas estritas, oferece um encontro para ensinamentos práticos e versáteis na culinária do dia a dia. Algumas receitas simples para a manufatura do próprio pão, leite e patê, todos livres de aditivos e proessos industriais. A manufatura rústica (sem o uso de muitos aparelhos) e a detalhada explicação do processo podem facilitar e proporcionar a muitos o aprendizado de como fazer seu próprio alimento, e ainda, com alto conteúdo de nutrientes e o uso de alimentos funcionais e de extrema capacidade de suprir demandas numa dieta vegetal saudável.

Dr. Luiza Savietto -. Medical Nutrologist

Dra. Luiza Savietto – medical nutritionist

Nutriohm to the source of energy and healing is the Earth. So the vegetarian diet proves very effective and innovative in many ways, which does not exclude or limit anyone be CURE own. Therefore, the partnership with SVB aims to promote strict vegetarian diet as a way of life for all living beings on this planet. With great joy we opened this meeting, which might be many, seasonally, and always growing and innovating together, all with new flavors and precious treatments in health routes.

Date 02 and September 4
Time: 19h to 21h
Local: SVB Sede SP
Address: Rua Anita Garibaldi, 29 - Cj 1102 - See - São Paulo-SP
Investment: R $ 100.00
20% discount for card carrying the SVB; 10% discount for Club Dress Card
Registration: Up to 29 / Aug by email

The course is divided into two modules, in which the following will be shared:



Source of calcium and other minerals, with free content of saturated fat or cholesterol. It is used both in salty or sweet preparations, and may be flavored with spices (cloves and cinnamon) used mixed with fruits, molasses, porridges and even pure.

– TEWL nutraceutical

Base for vegetable pate and usage options, using beneficial and functional ingredients in the preparation. Used for fillings, breads, tapioca, canapés. Source of minerals calcium, iron, zinc, protein, and antioxidants probióticoss. A super food for any meal.

Patê nutracêutico Nutriohm.

Patê nutracêutico Nutriohm.


versatile and quick preparation for home free bread baked wheat protein option, using tubers and cereal flours and use the resulting residue almond extract preparation. Rich in nutrients, such as fibers, carbohydrates, vitamins and protein. Ideal for snacks and breakfast in the morning.

Very simple, fast and nutritious.

Very simple, fast and nutritious.



In addition the great versatility of this ancient food, add to this aromatic herbs and spices, which also act as functional, besides the residue of almonds, providing greater intake of fibers and vegetable fat, enhancing their effects in the body.

Energy fibers +

Energy fibers +


Synonymous with a recipe that takes egg, here we have a food rich in amino acids of good absorption, omega and great versatility in everyday life, working as a meal and highly associable with other ingredients and fillings.

the melwete

– Pates NO SOYA

Food that can use both fillings and breads and as accompanying salad as sauce, based on fruit rich in beneficial vegetable fats, suitable for sweet or salty taste and the other as a further use of the waste almond extract.

Healthy option, vegetable, nutritious breakfast. Quick and easy to prepare.

Healthy option, vegetable, nutritious breakfast. Quick and easy to prepare.


Made of the most versatile and fruit rich in vegetable fats and vitamin E associated with banana alloy power and aromatic toppings to enrich the flavor and also more nutrients and plant assets. Practical and fast, to enter this course.

Refeição doce, sem açúcar, sem cozimento, sem lactose, sem glúten. Possui ingredientes funcionais,  antioxidantes e destoxicantes.

Sweet meal, no sugar, no cooking, no lactose, gluten free. It features functional, antioxidants and destoxicantes ingredients.





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