Course Cooking & Health

  Cooking Class Lecture on Food Health with Dr. Luiza Savietto and Paul Yamaçake content.: – 21 recipes to enjoy and learn to prepare and theoretical content (juices, smoothies, starters, main dishes, condiments, desserts, breakfast ...) Topics: - Health X disease - physical and mental signs - Body forming disease […]

Power Energizing

Power Energizing Food of light, energy, the original source. The power is in its simplest form the act of obtaining energy. Act instinctively get through the physical senses a substrate that contains a set of components necessary to sustain life in a living being. This food, so to speak, must contain […]

Oficina Nutriohm e MUDA -SP

On February 8, 2015 held over a beautiful healthy eating workshop at the fair of organic producers as the AAO at the mall Villa Lobos in São Paulo. The workshop is offered by dear MUDA team SP (Agriculture SP Urban Movement) on Sundays, always at 10: 30h, free. very worthwhile […]