Algae in feed

Seaweeds are plants with different properties, adorning the water with life and color and providing a resource that can improve our food, both from the point of view of nutrition as a culinary and gastronomy. There are thousands of varieties of seaweed, and are classified from its color, may be designated algae […]

Course Nutriohm and Portal NAMU

Na semana passada realizei um projeto incrível em parceria com o Portal Namu. Gravamos um curso de culinária com receitas saudáveis, práticas e interessantes também para a venda / comercialização artesanal. Indicado para pessoas que querem incrementar um alimento ou lanche saudável no dia-a-dia, de forma prática e leve. Todas as receitas foram fruto […]

Sustainable upset 2015

Held in São Paulo between 26 and 30 August Sustainable Virada. I will be sharing knowledge on health and healing, along with my friend and partner work Paulo Yamaçake (Human Manual) in two very special events. A green juice workshop with technical explanations and practical physiological benefits of it and tools […]

Power Energizing

Power Energizing Food of light, energy, the original source. The power is in its simplest form the act of obtaining energy. Act instinctively get through the physical senses a substrate that contains a set of components necessary to sustain life in a living being. This food, so to speak, must contain […]

Oficina Nutriohm e MUDA -SP

On February 8, 2015 held over a beautiful healthy eating workshop at the fair of organic producers as the AAO at the mall Villa Lobos in São Paulo. The workshop is offered by dear MUDA team SP (Agriculture SP Urban Movement) on Sundays, always at 10: 30h, free. very worthwhile […]


In partnership with the Brazilian Vegetarian Society, Dr.. Luiza Savietto, medical Nutrologist acting and research in strict vegetarian diets, offers a meeting place for practical and versatile in cooking lessons everyday. Some simple recipes for the manufacture of own bread, milk and pâté, all free of additives and industrial proessos. Rustic manufacturing […]

Vegetarians Nutriohm in the magazine.

. We speak of Vitamin SUN, life, the daily wash of light is very important, given that so we can produce, safely and free of side effects, about 10,000 IU. Less than 7% of vitamin D is derived from food sources (from any source). Therefore, sun, light waves and UVB rays, […]

Good day starts with A… bacate. Margarina vegetal natural e viva!

Todos os dias, temos a missão do ritual sagrado de se alimentar e nutrir. Como já mencionado em outros posts, o abacate é um alimento muito versátil, e uma fruta de polpa característica, cremosa, e com diversas propriedades nutracêuticas e funcionais. Além disso, a experiência mostra que ele pode se conservar por muito tempo quando […]

Events in partnership with SVB – SP

Many events in São Paulo to Nutriohm. I am very happy to participate in the performances of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society – São Paulo branch, increasingly steadily. The partnership aims to stress and the importance of animal causes, the human cause, the relevant aspects of health, longevity and healing food that […]

Endive as palitinhos of yam

Um pé gigante deste mato cheio de propriedades medicinais e nutritivas é o suficiente para seu uso diário (acabando com a história de que um maço pra uma pessoa não vale a pena comprar, ou que sempre perde). Usei esta hortaliça num prato divertido, completo e prático, pois pode ser recheio, complemento, substrato para caldo, integrante do […]