Algae in feed

Seaweeds are plants with different properties, adorning the water with life and color and providing a resource that can improve our food, both from the point of view of nutrition as a culinary and gastronomy. There are thousands of varieties of seaweed, and are classified from its color, may be designated algae […]

Food and supplement – or we are.

Nas constantes investigações pessoais na arte de cura, foi inevitável testemunhar a modernização da ciência médica e nutricional em diversos campos de atuação no ser humano integral. Após o aprendizado acadêmico de formação com base no diagnóstico e conduta, semiologia e tratamento, observei a ascensão da era suplemento, onde princípios ativos isolados naturais ou não foram […]

Sustainable upset 2015

Held in São Paulo between 26 and 30 August Sustainable Virada. I will be sharing knowledge on health and healing, along with my friend and partner work Paulo Yamaçake (Human Manual) in two very special events. A green juice workshop with technical explanations and practical physiological benefits of it and tools […]

Course Cooking & Health

  Cooking Class Lecture on Food Health with Dr. Luiza Savietto and Paul Yamaçake content.: – 21 recipes to enjoy and learn to prepare and theoretical content (juices, smoothies, starters, main dishes, condiments, desserts, breakfast ...) Topics: - Health X disease - physical and mental signs - Body forming disease […]


In partnership with the Brazilian Vegetarian Society, Dr.. Luiza Savietto, medical Nutrologist acting and research in strict vegetarian diets, offers a meeting place for practical and versatile in cooking lessons everyday. Some simple recipes for the manufacture of own bread, milk and pâté, all free of additives and industrial proessos. Rustic manufacturing […]

Farofa Cosmic Nutriohm.

Seguindo deslumbradamente pelas experiências na culinária artesanal e medicinal da Terra, e unindo nutrologia, manufatura e arte, orgulhosamente conferimos aqui mais uma possibilidade mágica de aproveitamento do resíduo do leite de amêndoas. Costumo fazer o leite semanalmente e preparar conforme já mostrei aqui, e com isso obtenho a cada extração do líquido aproximadamente 400g de […]

LIFE ritual.

There is a very important ritual, valuable, I learned some time ago with a friend, chemical and Viva cooking teacher. With his brief definition of the feeling that there is this elixir, charmed by the process, and created the daily magic of healing. And through this routine, I was delighting me and discovering the lightness that is […]

Energy balls alive.

This recipe was inspired by a client and friend who practices life very focused, calm way, and meditative. Exercises job functions and therefore spends all day out with the daily challenge of a healthy vegan diet on the street. By use of braces, is unable to carry a mix of nuts […]

Talk wheel in the park!

On Saturday, I will be in conversation circle about veganism, science, food, healing and vegetables, along with SVB and the AAO. In the park White Water, with plenty of trees and loose animals, pure particles and good energy. There is life!