Estarei em Santo André no dia 7 de junho, junto com os parceiros de sempre na culinária artesanal da Terra Casal Natureba no espaço da querida Terapeuta Rita Duenhas, para realizar uma consulta no melhor remédio da vida: a alimentação saudável. Dicas, remédios práticos, degustação, orientação e bate-papo para seguir no objetivo de sempre: SER A […]

Good day starts with A… bacate. Margarina vegetal natural e viva!

Todos os dias, temos a missão do ritual sagrado de se alimentar e nutrir. Como já mencionado em outros posts, o abacate é um alimento muito versátil, e uma fruta de polpa característica, cremosa, e com diversas propriedades nutracêuticas e funcionais. Além disso, a experiência mostra que ele pode se conservar por muito tempo quando […]

LIFE ritual.

There is a very important ritual, valuable, I learned some time ago with a friend, chemical and Viva cooking teacher. With his brief definition of the feeling that there is this elixir, charmed by the process, and created the daily magic of healing. And through this routine, I was delighting me and discovering the lightness that is […]

Bread of Flying Fairy.

This bread was one of my adventures with the treasures that I keep in the fridge and the curiosity to learn acting! I did before leaving for work, a quiet Sunday a very nice morning. But I was in a hurry. And I think if I put myself to work for the material needs, my body deserves the best […]

Endive and medicinal properties.

This article came straight from the fair after buying a giant pack of this food. By their appearance, and botanical characteristics, since it is concluded (to watch carefully) their properties. Its origin is Indian, and it was well known in antiquity. It is a green and folhuda vegetables, the lettuce family, but their leaves are darker and […]

Chickpea aromatic

A expressão criativa e sensorial da prática alimentar se assemelha a uma arte, onde cada prato possui inúmeras possibilidades de sabor, aroma, ingredientes, acompanhamentos. Ao entender a dinâmica alimentar, o conteúdo nutricional dos alimentos e sua forma de preparo, podemos ir muito além, e este é um dos objetivos desse prato. O clássico indiano, Dahl […]

Tip for daily consumption.

As an example of culinary preparation, highlight the fruit sorbets or “sorbet”. To do this, place bananas in the freezer for 1 hour and hit with other ingredients you like, like cocoa and vegetable milk, mango, pineapple, nuts and dried fruit. I suggest always add chia or linseed to nutritionally enrich and more alloy, the content of these […]

Energy balls alive.

This recipe was inspired by a client and friend who practices life very focused, calm way, and meditative. Exercises job functions and therefore spends all day out with the daily challenge of a healthy vegan diet on the street. By use of braces, is unable to carry a mix of nuts […]