Algae in feed

Seaweeds are plants with different properties, adorning the water with life and color and providing a resource that can improve our food, both from the point of view of nutrition as a culinary and gastronomy. There are thousands of varieties of seaweed, and are classified from its color, may be designated algae […]

Power Energizing

Power Energizing Food of light, energy, the original source. The power is in its simplest form the act of obtaining energy. Act instinctively get through the physical senses a substrate that contains a set of components necessary to sustain life in a living being. This food, so to speak, must contain […]

Food and antioxidants.

Free radicals are toxins? Yes and no, because everything depends on the balance between the reactive species (molecules resulting from cellular respiration for example, that have a surplus electron in the outer layer) and the antioxidants that neutralize them. The two systems coexist, since the generation of free radicals is, for excellence, and a continuous physiological process serving […]