Sustainable upset 2015

Held in São Paulo between 26th and August 30th Sustainable upset. I will be sharing knowledge on health and healing, along with my friend and work partner Paul Yamaçake (Manual Humano) Two very special events. A green juice workshop with technical explanations and practical physiological benefits of it and insert tools in everyday life and PICNIC crudívoro (food and raw preparations / in kind) and 100% organic and plant, where the recording of the presentation will also be held Save money by taking care of HealthWhich will be given by Paul on occasion. the events were created on Facebook. The workshop will be held on the 27th, Thursday at 19h in the Rock Gallery coverage, central city of SP, and the Picnic on the 29th, Saturday at 9: 30h, in the same place, with a lecture to 10 : 30h followed by socializing. Bring your recipes! I invite everyone to share experiences, experiences, answer questions and taste pure, medicinal food and deliciously prepared with creativity and art!

Day 29/07

GREEN JUICE – Evento no Facebook

dia 30/08 9:30h

dia 30/08 9:30h

PICNIC + PALESTRA – evento no facebook

Let us all !!! Are very welcome !! Event totally FREE.

Hugs and see you soon !!!

Dra. Luiza Savietto

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