Rooibos, Red Ruby Africa

A valuable aspect of herbal teas is the effect and maintaining internal heat by morna.Um temperature of the most interesting teas for everyday use, even for replacement with hypersensitivity to caffeine (coffee) or tannins (green tea, black) is the Rooibos ( the Afrikaans red bush). Scientific name Aspalathus linearisIt is of the legume family, origin and African culture. It features soft palate with aroma and sweet, nutty flavor on the palate. It contains aspalatina and notofagina antioxidants.




Widely used in cases of infant colic and skin problems. His greatest power in entretando resides in an adaptogen function, which performs a specific adaptation to the body. Thus, it can wake up and wake up the nervous system “tired” and lethargic or soothe agitated and confused mind, bringing linearity and tranquilidade.Um example of common use is Rooibos Red Express, already served in many cafes around the world, replacing the coffee. Traditionally it is taken with a slice of lemon and honey. It can also be used as Iced tea and chai latte.

Rooibos blends very vanilla, other soft teas like hibiscus, fennel, chamomile, spices like anise and cinnamon, roots like ginger and even mild peppers such as pink pepper.

Rooibos - Rooibos

The intense red color can predict its benefits to the base charka, Muladhara, which vibrates the connection with the earth and sexuality. In Chinese diet therapy can be associated Rooibos fire element, where the circulation processes of the blood and heart are held, the fire is associated with the heart, which is the site of emotions and the body that distributes blood and your energy by the body. Its color is red, the color of blood and heat. This energy is associated with love and compassion, generosity and joy, openness and abundance.


Here are some recipes to model, but I suggest you invent and use the creative energy for mixing colors, active ingredients and energy, with aromas and magnificent flavors which only the powerful energy of the total, can offer us.

And combinations Rooibos

The rooibos is a great choice of morning breakfast, to maintain internal body heat you just wake up.

Rooibos tradicional

Rooibos tea prepared in strong infusion with honey (or sugar cane molasses) and 1 slice of lemon.

Rooibos with star anise, cinnamon and vanilla

Boil a cinnamon stick and anise flower on mineral water (250 mL) for 5 min. Add rooibos and wait for the infusion. You can add molasses to sweeten wire, although this is already quite sweet.

Rooibos with chamomile and fennel

Make a mixture of herbs, simmering for a while fennel seed prior to infusion.

Red iced tea

Make a mixture with Rooibos and hibiscus, prepare the infusion and let cool. If you prefer to add the still hot tea slices of apple, orange or red fruits.

Rooibos Chai milk

Prepare a broth with a little grated ginger, or a few drops vanilla bean, cardamom and cinnamon. Boil for 3 minutes, add almond milk or coconut, turn off the heat and place the Rooibos infusion. It can be sweetened with molasses or raw honey.

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