Oficina Nutriohm e MUDA -SP

No dia 8 de fevereiro de 2015 realizamos mais uma linda oficina de alimentação saudável na feira dos produdores orgânicos da AAO no shopping Villa Lobos em São Paulo. A oficina é oferecida pela querida equipe do MUDA -SP (Movimento de Agricultura Urbana de SP) aos domingos, sempre às 10:30h, gratuita. Vale muito a pena conferir.

At the time selected items from exclusive vegetable origin, using them in an unprecedented manner, unusual or creative for the manufacture of items that we normally use in everyday food, such as milk, vitamins, pates, sweet. For the recipes always exhibited healthy content, we do not use sugar, flour, or any artificial additive in groups of ingredients.


Nutriohm e MUDA -SP

Nutriohm e MUDA -SP

Share with all the recipes prepared at this date, to use as a substitute foods containing lactose, especially milk, cheese, yoghurt and “Dairy specialties” as cottage cheese, cream cheese, cottage, etc. These food, and industrial origin rich in items not recognizable by the body, and addition of trans fat and cream, to improve texture and flavor.


Leites and Vitamins

Aromatic almond milk

300g almonds (yields approx. 800mL)

5 fresh dates (the most plump, juicy) and no added sugar

Cloves and cinnamon to taste

1 col. cocoa powder organic soup

Let the beans soak for one night, drain the water and beat for 4 minutes with double or triple the volume in a blender. In this case, add between 650 to 850mL of mineral or filtered water.

Strain with voile cloth and store the waste. Replace the extract in a blender and hit with the remaining ingredients. If you prefer, add amaranth or quinoa flakes and fresh fruit to create a vitamin.

Vitaminized yam milk

2 peeled and chopped medium yams

2 col. soup goji berry hydrated

1 fruit sweet (bananas, persimmons, atemóia)

Ground cinnamon to taste

Cane syrup (optional)

Beat for 4 minutes chopped yams and water. Strain with voile cloth and store the waste. Replacing the extract and beat with the other items.

Pure milk last up to 3 days in the refrigerator, with cloves and cinnamon. With fruits, it is advisable to use up to 8 hours.

Children approved!

Vegans Pates

Pate waste

Select 2 col. soup every residue in the milk used. You can try to do one of each well. It is kind of a “ricotta”If you use only the almonds, one cheese using only the yam.

Add to them:

1 col. coffee soybean miso

1 col. extra-virgin olive oil

parsley or cilantro chopped

Manjeiricão fresh leaves

ground turmeric powder to taste (or sweet paprika)

Mix well the ingredients, kneading them to homogeinizar. If you prefer add a dash of pink salt, Celtic salt or black to give more flavor.

If you prefer to add and try other spices as Lebanese zatar, mustard powder, pink pepper, etc.

It works great with salads and vegetables, adding protein, fiber, minerals and fats beneficial to the body.

Use vegetables as appetizers for tasting.








Try the snack of children, at school and at home.











Beet pate

A large beet or two means

1 col. SOPA de daughter

Parsley and chives chopped to taste

1 col. soybean miso soup

Cook steamed OR bake with olive oil and low oven beet. Place in a food processor (also possible in a blender) and blend with other items, if necessary add 1 tbsp. olive oil and water to help beat. A pinch of salt rose or similar to whet the taste, if necessary.

Paté of beet.

Paté of beet.

Sweet crudívoro

1 cup. almond residue (extracted from milk)

3 col. amaranth soup flakes

3 bananas

2 col. cocoa soup organic powder and 1 tbsp. to garnish

2 col. soup cane molasses

3 col. grated coconut soup

Mix the ingredients, mashing the bananas and other items. Make balls and pass the grated coconut and cocoa, making different types.

With these recipes, you can include functional foods, healthy and free of toxins and pesticides in the family diet. Moreover, delete items consumed daily can cause serious diseases in future such as diabetes, allergies and skin diseases, autoimmune diseases and degenerative diseases.

The cure is in the nature, plants and real foods are the real medicine.



Workshop and tasting.

Wonderful as always, share ideas and creations in vegetable diet.

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