Medical consultation

Consultation with Dr. Luiza Savietto, medical Nutrologist.


  • Addressing integrative way the individual patient demand, with relevance in physical, mental and emotional.
  • Check and analyze attitudes of mind / body and lifestyle.
  • Investigate physiological and metabolic demands of the patient.
  • Optimize physical processes and energy, manage chronic diseases and guide healthy lifestyle.


  • Medical consultation with 90-120 minutes.
  • Anamnesis, personal data collection, biotype assessment and physical examination.
  • detailed food questionnaire and diet modulation proposal as individual demands.
  • Request complete laboratory tests (emphasis on nutrients).
  • Plan food prepared based on the medical consultation (deadline 5-8 days of consultation).
  • Apostille attached with recipes, tips and suggested items for constant consumption and options for variation in meals.
  • included return with personal assessment results and tests requested.


To schedule an appointment please appointment scheduling and other details will be discussed via email. Por via telefônica o contato pode ser via whatsapp (linha de telefone não funciona, somente rede de dados). As consultas são realizadas em São Paulo / SP, na região da Vila Mariana / metrô Ana rosa. Possui vagas e estacionamento próximo.