Power Energizing

Power Energizing

Light food, energy, the original source.

The power is in its simplest form the act of obtaining energy. Act instinctively get through the physical senses a substrate that contains a set of components necessary to sustain life in a living one.

Human food plant

Human food plant

This food, so to speak, should contain therefore a range of nutrients, which together construct the cells and renew, promote their physiological organization and control all the molecular features which provide, ultimately, the balance of the body of the being.

The food part of these simple and rustic precepts and proof of this is that all the senses and instincts are preserved for thousands of years through aspects such as hunger, taste, pleasure, secretions, digestion.

The culture and intellect participate in other provisions, which were included in the human eating habits, the way of doctrines, studies, research and protocols. The scientific power participates in fostering academic content of the process.

Thus, between the two manifestations, whether the phenomenon or preparatory there is a third form, one possible way to make the act is by itself an individual ritual inner, sacred and at the same time grounded, and applied intelligently totally free.

That is the difference between follow and feel. Self-perception and obedience to the internal state, even with a general mold eating behavior implanted to human behavior in a subtle way and that is not always the ideal way, as each individual is unique.

Knowing eating is feeling eat and vice versa. Eating is the perpetuation of cell life. It is the celebration of the harvest to planting the seeds. From there, any attitude of care, dedication and respect including this habit (sacred) is a form of self-respect.

The possibility of choice in our time is something partly made us victims of own need and desire to obtain it. The abundance been taken for many years as a synonym for health, as well as low-cost food (and low quality) as a synonym for advantage (!!) for Economic and Financial Affairs.

So the thought of energizing power term, there to get rid of several bonds that put us in a common place and often harmful, for making the robotic individuals and uncritically.

The energy that surrounds us comes to our physical body as a kind of manifestation of elements, which are these five: metal, fire, wood, earth, water.


This energy becomes so material, and this is its first fuel, food material.

How would a material food, which in itself contains the highest density (matter) possible in a power generation system that will be designed to also feed our mind and other subtle bodies, electromagnetic fields and similarities?

What could be the food which brings radiant energy produced spontaneously by life, what food occupies the mental image this time?

For there to think and reflect seriously about it, to get the full inner truth, so that the food element of every human being is felt the same source that carries them, the individual.

The elements are giving life to the physical, and are being translated by the mind all the time, to be thus obtained and assimilated. Fire eg is our digestive capacity, which mechanically processes the food molecules and makes them ready to turn life in us.

In this way, there to seek clarity of mind, at the same time feel this inner need and decide the best action in the food aspect.

The food act is the highest form of giving birth to ourselves, and more exotic as it may seem, it is what science intellect is observed every passing year. Despite much domination and control by media outlets, trauma and emotional disorders by compulsions of mind and inversions values ​​for financial reasons are related to the eating of the modern human, the same decline will be the answer to the rise, this is is the metaphysics of energizing power, return the sacred origins.

Daily Elixir of Life.

Daily Elixir of Life.

Natural diet.


This act need not be large, abundant, uncomfortable, and these are signs that there is some imbalance in the assembly of elements that make us alive physical bodies. In other words, there are no rules, there are perceptions. Hunger is an acclamation of mind, thought to sovereign of the senses, not the elements themselves, not the body itself.

There is to eat too much, or little, there is no time and have strict rules, there is neglect of their demands. But will understand and see the fact that the mind is influenced by all and influences by their emotions generated to achieve the body elements. One may for example feel anger, or sadness, or joy, or anger, changing the original state, and thus greatly affect the ritual celebration of food.


It would be really hungry, the instinctive command, or compulsive anxiety, mind control? Were these meals protocols, and numbers and contents, and what to eat and what not to eat, a way to generate even more trouble and confusion in this phenomenon?

Or: the phenomenon can become habit without degrading?

The phenomenon, which is the power, it may be increasingly widespread, connecting mind, physical elements, emotions and subtle energy bodies (outside the intellect of the field)?

Cell apoptosis view electron microscopy. Removal of defective cells by the body itself, when in balance.

Cell apoptosis view electron microscopy. Removal of defective cells by the body itself, when in balance.

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