Course Nutriohm and Portal NAMU

Last week I performed an amazing project in partnership with Namu Portal. We recorded a cooking course with healthy recipes, practical and interesting also for sale / craft sale.

Suitable for people who want to increase a food or healthy snack in the day-to-day practice and lightly.



All revenues were the result of my experimentation on healthy cooking, free of lactose, gluten and use of different flours and mostly clean, that is, low in starch and relatively better assimilated and processed by the body without causing accumulations and glandular problems .


Some nutrition science, medicine, creativity and very simply to facilitate the conduct to be the very healing even in the midst of a busy routine and running.


The course was a success and will soon be available for sale throughout Brazil, the Portal Site NAMUAnd will include 9 classes with more than 40 recipes and two extra content, and supplementary material.



Thank here the opportunity to work on healing cuisine and critativa as part of the healing and health aspects in everyone's life. I hope it's the first of many where we can share joy, colors and flavors for the purpose of a simple, full and healthy life.



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