Course Cooking & Health



Cooking Class Class on Health Food

with Dr. Savietto Luiza and Paul Yamaçake


– 21 recipes to taste and learn how to prepare and theoretical content

(Juices, smoothies, starters, main dishes, condiments, desserts, breakfast ...)


- Health X disease - physical and mental signs

- The Body disease and how the body that exudes Health and Wellness

- Self-perception and knowledge: habits, behaviors and choices

- Radiant Health - Vitality and Rejuvenation

- Integral Healing Process: mental, physical and energetic

- How to understand their bodies and cultivate Radiant Health (high energy levels)

– (Dr. Luiza.) Food and medical treatment: Clinical experience and perspective

– (Paul Yamaçake) experience watching hundreds of people on different diets (live feed, Chinese, Ayurvedic), how to understand food and what works for you.

All 100% vegetable without gluten, dairy or sugar, with options for diabetics. Delicious and healthy food prepared by those who have experience. Paul Yamaçake worked in the kitchen of the Tree of Life Coffee (USA), a world reference for live feed, 100% vegetable and organic.

Date: June 20, 2015
Hours: 11 to 16hs

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Paul R. A. Yamaçake
HSBC Ag 1511 Cc 13555-81 ou Caixa Ag 3948 Op 003 Cc 2568-0

Luiza M. S. Barbosa
Itau Ag 7063 Cc 20980-8

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Nutriohm and Human Manual are offering a limited number of partial scholarships for those who need to access the course, write to telling why it is important for you to do this course, please thousand !!!


Dr Luiza M. Savietto, Nutrologist medical and general, focusing on integrative medicine and treatments based on cellular detoxification for food, nutritional balance and clinical follow on strict vegetarian diets.

Paul Yamaçake invests his energy in services that promote independence for people and the manifestation of the best version of themselves, formed in studies of mind and body by MBS Academy (Germany), Paulo already work, taught and was seen in notable institutions such as USP (spoke in nutritionists update Congress), Tree of Life RC (USA), Cultural Institute of Rock Gallery, Alana Institute, TV shows, universities, cultural centers in Brazil and Europe. Author of Radiant Health course and founder of the portal Human Manual, the largest Brazilian Viva Power portal.

That as words,
Team Human Hand / Nutriohm

* In case of cancellation: up to 10 days before the return course 90% of the amount invested. Up to 1 day before the event return 50% of the amount invested, after that there will be no return.

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