Luiza Savietto

Course Cooking & Health

  Cooking Class Lecture on Food Health with Dr. Luiza Savietto and Paul Yamaçake content.: – 21 recipes to enjoy and learn to prepare and theoretical content (juices, smoothies, starters, main dishes, condiments, desserts, breakfast ...) Topics: - Health X disease - physical and mental signs - Body forming disease […]

Power Energizing

Power Energizing Food of light, energy, the original source. The power is in its simplest form the act of obtaining energy. Act instinctively get through the physical senses a substrate that contains a set of components necessary to sustain life in a living being. This food, so to speak, must contain […]

Oficina Nutriohm e MUDA -SP

On February 8, 2015 held over a beautiful healthy eating workshop at the fair of organic producers as the AAO at the mall Villa Lobos in São Paulo. The workshop is offered by dear MUDA team SP (Agriculture SP Urban Movement) on Sundays, always at 10: 30h, free. very worthwhile […]

Vitamin D: The Solar and Collective Disease Truth, a new paradigm.

Originally published text for monthly column rose Grain site – Natural Health Integrated, where I work in Nutrition and Integrative Medicine. Vitamin D: Solar Truth and Collective Illness, A New Paradigm. Early last century, Vitamin D was considered a micronutrient, for oral administration of a tablespoon […]


In partnership with the Brazilian Vegetarian Society, Dr.. Luiza Savietto, medical Nutrologist acting and research in strict vegetarian diets, offers a meeting place for practical and versatile in cooking lessons everyday. Some simple recipes for the manufacture of own bread, milk and pâté, all free of additives and industrial proessos. Rustic manufacturing […]

Energia Vital Vegetal – the perfect cure.

It exists throughout the living aspect, every manifestation of life on Earth, a continuous movement toward a point, which is transformed into its own form and action. All beings who live here share the whole, the sacred circle of life. There is no difference in the human individual, endowed with consciousness, as well as others (animals […]

Cooking workshop – HEALTH party with children.

Venha aprender a fazer a CURA para as pessoas mais especiais da existência, nossos filhos! Pois celebrar não é sinônimo de doença e sim de VIDA! Aproveitando a chegada a São Paulo dos amigos do Coletivo Até o Talo, realizaremos parceria para aprender e difundir a alimentação vegana crua e cozida, como forma de libertação […]

What medicine can not cure.

Text published in the monthly column in the clinic's website Grand Rosa, with which maintain partnership in synergistic action of INTEGRAL and NATURAL healing power. What Remedy Never Can Heal The 5 Environmental Systems From Disease Anyway, the search science answers to better understand the regenerative processes of the […]

Farofa Cosmic Nutriohm.

Seguindo deslumbradamente pelas experiências na culinária artesanal e medicinal da Terra, e unindo nutrologia, manufatura e arte, orgulhosamente conferimos aqui mais uma possibilidade mágica de aproveitamento do resíduo do leite de amêndoas. Costumo fazer o leite semanalmente e preparar conforme já mostrei aqui, e com isso obtenho a cada extração do líquido aproximadamente 400g de […]

Nutriohm Food Prescription.

Experience in participating in a culinary festival was very rewarding and something transcendental. With it, move forward in the context of healing, which shot the (few) medical instruments I use to work in nutrology to debut an apron and with the presence of different types of food, prescribe treatment and teach the power to […]