Food and supplement – or we are.

In constant personal investigations in the art of healing it was inevitable witnessing the modernization of medical and nutritional science in various fields of activity in the whole human being.

After the academic learning training based on the diagnosis and management, symptomatology and treatment, I observed the rise of the age supplement, where principles natural isolates active or have not been developed by man in the correction order, modulation, healing and wellness promotion and longevity in or out of the aspects of the disease.

Modern medicine evolves as technology, in an attempt to appease the effects of environmental radical change in which we live. Everything changed: social, cultural, family and nature.

Human biochemistry is immersed in an unfavorable context, so to speak, because of our own intellectual evolution and the relationship with the environment. The visible world is not the same before molecules. In the air, food, and even inside of beings, that every generation change their basic elemental composition.

Fabricamos comida, fabricamos nutrientes, fabricamos bactérias, fabricamos as máquinas que criam tudo isso. Fabricamos a facilidade e assim temos tempo livre (?) para suprir as demandas sociais culturais do sistema que nos faz viver. Para não perder tempo no trabalho, come-se comida feita para o lucro de quem se especializou em vender comida. Para não sentir os fortes efeitos de estar diariamente direcionando a mente para uma função limitada e específica (i.e profissão) tomamos pílulas de princípios ativos que impedem a progressão dos efeitos deletérios do estresse.

We corrected (or try to) the human configuration items that we manufacture ourselves, to remedy effects emerged when it was no longer possible to follow the original configuration of the internal and external nature. All this is very spectacular, very advanced, very scientific. But the process does not stop. And neither could stop, since this is more a gear that worked on the law of supply and demand.

Quem não gostaria de resolver sua baixa auto-estima, insegurança, medo, angústia e cansaço com uma dúzia de pílulas pela manhã e seguir em seu ritmo pendular e automático? Quem não gostaria de não adoecer ou de mascarar os sintomas de uma doença até o ponto que for possível com um blend completo e moderno de antioxidantes e moduladores cerebrais potentes? Num panorama onde doenças degenerativas crescem em incidência, mais uma vez não se teria escolha a não ser modular mais uma vez o robô mente a continuar funcionando contra sua natureza num processo paradoxal de supernutrição, superdoses, superalimentos, superestímulos e até modificações extremas com superhormônios. Obviamente os efeitos são incríveis, rápidos, e cada vez mais específicos. A nova era da medicina fala de genes, nutrientes que modificam o DNA, medicamentos inteligentes, nootrópicos, hormônios bioidênticos.

Machines can synthesize all. Specifically manipulate a group of minerals, vitamins, coming plant substances that proved to be essential for physical well being and mental. A wonderful story for those who remember when medicine did not value enough the power level that is within each species of plant, fungus, bacteria, seeds and roots that permeate the earth plane and divide us.

What is the cure?

What is the cure?

As reflect on this in light of the times?

Our tissues, feelings, emotions and electromagnetic loads are incredible systems to be known and disclosed. But in my view, no one can fully modular these synchronously as the very living nature that is part of us, externally.

Our sun, our soil, our roots, leaves, fruits, seaweed, water. Our breath, air gases, our steps, walking, our touch, our thoughts, our visions and relations. Are all real, unique, irreplaceable, will never be possible in a laboratory whatever.

The cure is in the daily attempt to return to what we are. strive to take back and win our own body to feel and intuit what we need in the day, at the time, on the specific situation. Very little intellect, much more subtle perception.

Anyway. Conclude this reflection is to understand that it is impossible to artificially change our lives in the long run, unless indeed real. What is real? Truly real are the natural sources of life, air, nutrients, bacteria, relationship and perception.

It would be difficult to get this totally free, there is no way back to being a collector in the midst of nature, being a nomad who lives only for his experimentation and exchange with the environment, as were most of our existence on the planet. So they are scheduled most of our genes yet. In reward mechanisms via brain neurotransmitters and even commensal relationships with bacteria that have acquired the ground to help us live from our intestines.


Here some of my reflections on healing in the modern era post. It would be almost a machine of daily time where we try without measuring efforts to be increasingly contact the Ancestral who lives in us, originally, fully, both micro and macroscopic.

In an attempt to feed us something that we ourselves manipulate (I wish it were than ourselves plantássemos or colhêssemos a forest – some can), using different active ingredients present in leaves and roots, to get fruits of the earth derived from a soil rich in minerals and live bacteria, to breathe deeply and exhale the air that purely provides us instant connection to our inner self, Drinking water rich in elements and intelligent and able to fix loads imperceptible deviations, to be fully without fear, no pain, no anguish of love without social and family constraints.

Yes, supplements are incredible handling tools not as aggressive as synthetic and chemical drugs. But to what extent they arrive and bring us the real truth about our lives? And if life itself, is a medical treatment, which would be the final remedy after a palliative use of antiaging products (anti-aging), since live forever in this context is something strange, if there is behind one LIFE to to live?





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